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how to upgrade

  1. before making the upgrade, make a backup using the “backup” option inside backend of zigaform plugin  
  2. the upgrade is manual via ftp. First download the latest version to your PC
  3. Unzip the download file, and you will find a folder named “zigaform-wordpress-form-builder”, just go inside
  4. then you will find the uiform plugin “zigaform-wp-form-builder.zip”:
  5. Uncompress the zip file “zigaform-wp-form-builder.zip” and you will see new folder named “zigaform-wp-form-builder”, go inside this folder 
  6. inside folder, you will find many files that you have to upload via ftp 
  7. On your hosting, find the plugin folder (wordpress root dir)/wp-content/plugins/zigaform-wp-form-builder/. then upload via ftp all the files from uncompressed folder “zigaform-wp-form-builder” to your remote folder (that you found on previous) on your hosting.
  8. After replacing, you will have the latest version.
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