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How to upgrade

  • before making the upgrade, make a backup using the “backup” option inside backend of uiform plugin
  • the upgrade is manual via ftp. First download the latest version to your PC
  • Unzip the download file, and just go inside
  • then you will find the zigaform plugin “zigaform-wp-estimator.zip”:
  • Uncompress the zip file “zigaform-wp-estimator.zip” and you will see new folder named “zigaform-wp-estimator”, go inside this folder
  • inside folder, you will find many files that you have to upload via ftp
  • On your hosting, find the plugin folder (wordpress root dir)/wp-content/plugins/zigaform-wp-estimator/. then upload via ftp all the files from uncompressed folder “zigaform-wp-estimator” to your remote folder (that you found on previous) on your hosting.
  • After replacing, you will have the latest version.


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