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Form editor

  1. On the Top, you will find 5 main tabs:
    1. Form editor
    2. Email settings
    3. On submission
    4. Invoice
    5. Main settings
    6. Calculation
  1. when you create a new form. the editing panel will be shown and brings four zones.
    1) form elements to add.
    2) preview form and
    3) form setting tab and form element setting tab.
    4) More tab options for the form
  2. In first zone,  forms elements are shown.
    when every time you add a new form element to preview  zone, a “selected field” tab will be shown on the right. check  the screenshot:
    this new tab shows all option about the selected field and have the next tab options:
    1. Label: this tab contains all options to customize the label and sublabel which are next to the input of the field. you can change font, color, size, position, and so on
    2. Input: this tab contains all options to customize the input depending of which is selected. e.g. change color, background, set input value, set private and public key for recatpcha field, and so on
    3. Help block: this tab contains all options to customize the help block section which are located below input field. check print screen below
    4. Validators: this tab contains all options to add validation feature to your form elements. it brings a lof of options. e.g. change color of validation tooltip, custom text and so on
    5. C. Logic: this tab contains all options to add conditional logic to your form elements. when a new conditional rule is added. all the form elements with options are loaded. this is listed by field name. you can customize the field names in order to recognize your custom fields.
    6. More: In this tab, you can find options related to margin, padding and custom css
  3. On the center, you can find the preview form. every time you make a change on the right panel, this is reflected on this preview form
  4. On the right, also you can customize the style of the form. Under this tab offers 3 tab options:
    1. Skin: on this tab you can find all options in order to change the skin of the form.
    2. Wizard tab: on this tab you can find all options in order to add and customize your wizard forms. you can add many forms to the wizard form and so much more.
    3. Summary box: on this tab you can find all options in order to customize the summary box. you can change the position, skin, content and many options.
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